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    Maga International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a Class A international forwarding agency enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China, and a Contract-Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise awarded by Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce. The Company has obtained the Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier Certificate (NVOCC Certificate No.MOC-NV05029) issued by the Ministry of Communications. As an important member of Qingdao Logistics Association, Tianjin Logistics Association, China Federation of Logistics and World Cargo Alliance (WCA), Maga International Logistics Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Qingdao, has branches at several harbors around China such as Tianjin, Shanghai, and has high-quality international agency service networks in more than 40 countries all around the world. 
    The main sea transportation business of Maga is providing professional international logistics forwarding agency service for international import and export enterprises. The Company has formed an overall and one-stop logistics service system in container, special container, RO/RO, Breakbulk field which covering air transportation, land transportation, frontier delivery, custom clearance, quarantine inspection application, project logistics, logistics consultation, and logistics solution design, etc.
    To provide you the most perfect logistics solution is our mission and MAGA has gradually showed its core competitiveness in all kinds of vehicle transportation agency after more than 10 years focus development. 
    For vehicle products import and export transportation, Maga provides customer one-stop services from transportation program design to the factory in vehicle picking-up, inspection, waxing, packing, measure, customs clearance, shipping reinforcement, destination port transshipment and follow-up tracking no matter in round vehicle or KD. 
    MAGA has provided “safety, high-quality, timely” in logistics transportation services to a lot of large scale enterprises, such as SINOTRUK, SHACMAN, JAC, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Yutong Bus, Zhongtong Bus and so on. We worked on breakbulk, RO Ro transportation for over 300,000 ton and more than 50,000 TEU containers. 
    To create MAGA the world brand and excellent international logistics supplier is our goal. We have targeted at the relentless pursuit of self transcendence and constant trust from the society. MAGA will provide the logistics service through the professional and comprehensive international logistics service system, the pragmatic and innovative service concept, and the international service network in order to helping customers to build the competitive international trade.

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Southeast Asia Australia: Feb focus on Taiwan / Vietnam / Indonesia cargo.

MiddleEast: the price keep the same, spacestight.

India, Pakistan, the RedSea: 2018 01.15-01.21 vessel, India and Pakistantariffs remainedunchanged, a slight increase in individual ports. Red Seatariffs due to directship empty classes, ship prices rise.

Europe: European routes, before January 14, 2018, the shippingcompanieshave been gradually updated tariffs, tariffs maintain the price by theend ofDecember.If you all have the goods in time to arrange.

Mediterranean: Mediterranean routes, the freight rates of variousshippingcompanies have been updated before January 14, 2018. The freight ratesaremaintained. If you all have the goods in advance booking.

North Africa: North Africa before January 14 to maintain the freight rates,MSK,chemical products in North Africa, tires, steel price of about goods,COSCONorth Africa small cabinets light goods, cabinets super advantageCMAadvantages Port: Bejaia, Annaba , Algiers, Casablanca, COSCO Algeria,theMoroccan port can apply to do with the market price.

WestAfrica: January freight rates up, up 250/500.After HPL UASC melt andZIMMOL three ships is the market's lowest tariffs, CMAPIL MSC prices have beenadjusted according to MSK's market dynamics to beadjusted accordingly, andgradually lower in the late trend. However, due to thereduction of shippingspace by shipowners and the resumption of market volume, thefreight rate basewill remain at a relatively high level. West Africa focus onCosco on ThursdayAPAPA ONNE Coda anger direct service, freight and marketlevel. Friday TINCANTEMA direct service. MSK West African routes large ticketcan apply for specialdiscounts on the market, tire steel products havespecials. SAF West AfricaSpecial Offer for Tires and Steel, PIL Direct APAPA(37) COTOMUO (40) LOME (42)ONNE (45), Fri Direct Friday, TAO POINTE NOIRE-LUANDA, The POINTE NOIRE turnMATADI, LOBITO, BATA, LIBREVILLE, the priceadvantage is obvious.

East Africa / SouthAfrica: South Africa is not expected to rise in EastAfrica isexpected to rise 200 400 Darrens tensions MSK South Africa cabinetsgeneralchemical tires have a special price, East Africa ESL prices areveryadvantageous, mid-MSC South Africa East Africa two-way boat situation isstillnot good, exist the phenomenon of pressure, stock goods need toadvancebooking, the price is not good to apply.

Central and South America: Prices of South American is rised at the beginning of themonth,,East South America Are Expected to Maintain . Prices of South Americahasslowly entered into the age of the riots.after the three major allies oftheera of tyranny have stabilized, the price estimate will continue its currentstatus.Tariff will remain at a relatively high level.


Africa: West Africa is expected to rise USD500 / 1000 in Feb. EastAfrica increase USD150/300 South Africa S2 increase 400/700, S6 increase 150/300

India and Pakistan: prices rise USD200 / 200 in FEB.

North Europe: prices rise USD300 / 600 in FEB.

South Europe: prices rise USD425 / 850 in FEB.

Australia: early January rose USD900 / 1900 position is very explosive,riskof dumped goods New Zealand up USD750 / 1270.

North Europe: The price is valid to 1.7 and then up USD250 / 500.

Southern Europe: North Africa in early January up USD525 / 1050 rose USD475 /950to USD300 / 600

Breakbulk vessel

FEB 5-10 Shanghai – Mombasa, Beira, Douala, Point-Noire

FEB 5-15 Tianjin, Shanghai - Karachi Mumbai

FEB 5-10 Tianjin – KlangYangon

FEB 1-7 SHANGHAI – Klang, Singapore

FEB 16 SHANGHAI – Djibouti


FEB 10-20 TIANJIN, SHANGHAI –DurbanLuanda Douala



East Africa: 2.12/2.17 Tianjin, 2.9/2.20 Shanghai to Mombasa,Dar es Salaam, the absolute price advantage, pleaseconfirm as soon as possible!

West Africa: 2.9 Tianjin, 2.12 Qingdao, 2.15 Shanghai to Tema,Abidjan, Dakar, Lagos, Luanda, the price is veryadvantageous!

Australia: 2.23 Tianjin, 2.25 Shanghai, a ship to Australia, Callat  Singapore, Lin Chaban, Fremantle,Adelaide,Melbourne, Kembla, Oakland price advantage, pls confirm as soon aspossible !

Middle East: 2.11 / 2.28 Shanghai, 2.01Tianjin, to Kuwait,Jebel Ali, Daman, Haman, the priceadvantage, please confirm as soon aspossible!

South America: 2.28 / Mar middle Tianjin,  3.15 Yantai, 2.28/3.15 / Shanghai to SanAntonio,Iquique, Callao, the price advantage!

Red Sea: 2.1Tianjin, 2.3 Shanghai to Djibouti, Sudan, as soonas possible to confirm the goods!

Southeast Asia: 2.9 Lianyungang to Manila, as soon as possibleto confirm the goods!

America: 2.13 Shanghai 2.18 Tianjin 2.19 Yantai to Kingston,Paramaribo, the price is good.

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