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With Chinese machine industry growing rapidly aroundthe world, as a logistics enterprise which has dedicated to heavy and oversizepackage cargo transportation (such as engineering plant, vehicle and yacht) fora long time,Maga has gathered richexperience in transporting extra-long, extra-wide, extra-high and extra heavyequipment, engineering plant, vehicle, yacht, etc through years hard work anddevelopment. Special container transportation has become one of Maga’sadvantages and special service. The professional logistics operators canprovide different transportation proposals and solutions for customers. Magaprovides customer one-stop special container forwarding services fromTransportation Proposal Design - Pre-stowage - Cargo Packaging - Cargo Picking– Land Transportation – Crating and Reinforcement – Custom Clearance andInspection Application – Loading and lifting to discharging at the destinationport, etc.