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Our company will hold "weihai liugongdao • xixia kou zoo" tourism activities in 2017

To enrich the culture and entertainment of the employees, we held a two-day tour of weihai liu gongdao, xixia kou zoo and lonxia lake On June 10-11, 2017,。

       The first station is the scenic area of longxia lake, which combines natural scenery and human pavilion. The blue waves of the lake are rippling, the crane is in the air, the fish are very shallow and intoxicating. The main attraction of the scenic spot is the Xiangmi island, It has three area Yafuzhai ,Yinglianguan and culture  gallery which is a comprehensive art gallery and a collection of fine art. 

       Longxiage has Hetian Jade ,the rhinoceros horn, the ivory, the bronze ware, etc., are called "the first pavilion of heaven". There are also the national stone pavilions--the Zihua building, the longevity garden--Guihepu, and the giant fish pool .


       In the afternoon, we came to the second station  of the shendiao mountain wild animal nature reserve. Located in the northeastern part of xixia kou village, weihai city, shandong province, the mountain is very steep. It was said that the First Emperor of Qin who had been shooting eagles in the mountain so it was called Shendiao Mountain. With a total investment of more than one hundred  million, the district covers an area of 3800 Mu(666.67 square metres), it  has forbidden zone, plant-eating animal region, sea animal region, African animal region, bear park, BaiNiaoYuan, birds of prey, the gorilla park, mountain Wolf, monkey mountain, the golden monkey pavilion, the panda area, etc. It is the largest and most unique coastal wildlife reserve in the country. There are more than 150 types and 1, 500 heads of the national first and second class protected animals

       After entering the zoo colleagues are enthusiastic greeting to the lovely animals, feed them, to keep close contact with wild animals which we often see in Animal World and hear roaring of tiger and lion , smell monkey crying and birds singing, watch the bear fight leopard, see group of monkeys play, watch sea lions hunt seals swimming, enjoy elves dolphin show, this is a wonderful wild journey to let everyone  return to nature and  experience the wild 

       Happy time always passed so quickly, suddenly the trip ended in the afternoon, in order to make everyone have a pleasant dinner time, the company also prepared some wonderful programs and games during meals to  enhance mutual communication, to alleviate the pressure of work life, complete loosen body and mind, have a pleasant time to rest

       On the morning of June 11th  we came to liugongdao scenic spot ,after a night of rest. It is located in the bay of the east of the city. Liugongdao has a reputation although it ‘s just 3.1 square kilometers. Because this is the birthplace of Northern Navy, the ancient battlefield of the Sino-Japanese war of 1894-1895

       On the island, there were the Chinese first sino-japanese war museum, the first sino-japanese war hall, and the water division hall of the same year and the numerous gunstations and other relics. The qing government set up the beiyang navy in 1888 AD, and because of liu gongdao's location, the office of the northern ocean navy was set up here.

       Pictures can not only keep the laughter, but also the the memory of life and work . Everyone in the travel communicate their ideas to each other, keep close contact with all kinds of lovely wild animals, enjoy the nature beauty, also let us back to the period of the history of humiliation and  let us know the meaning of country strong. The revolutionary spirit of "don't forget national humiliation, self-improvement" has been inspiring our staff. Once again, the warning signs of history show that "when you are backward, you will be beaten and the strong people will be strong." Revolutionary martyrs used their blood for a secure and prosperous life, rich with the blood of their life, we always don't forget the lofty spirit of revolutionary martyrs and  remind ourselves work hard returns to the motherland

       Tourism activities organized by the company every year is one of the special cultural contents of Maga Logistics, the team spirit into the activity at the same time of pleasure, to promote the harmony between the colleagues, unity cooperation, enhance the cohesive affinity of the enterprise and centripetal force. After the holiday everyone will take the more full of enthusiasm, more energy into the job, for further development of the company to continue to contribute their strength