Important notice: about three certificate in one enterprise electronic port information change business process electronic port information change notice

Electronic port card user:       
All enterprises need to go to the local Industry and Commerce administration to transact the three certificates in one and then go to the customs territory of the CG for the change before 03.31. Otherwise, it will not be approved. (three certificates means industrial and commercial business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate)   
According to the requirements of the General Administration of customs, the enterprises will use the 18 code of three certificates in one when entry the declaration from 2016.04.01. Enterprises which have already registered in network, should change the enterprise registration information in the electronic port system after get the three certificates in one license. 
The electronic port change workflow as follows:
1.Electronic port system entry, statement three certificates information. Enterprises can go to local customs electronic port to entry center operation, in order to reduce the cost of enterprise, improve work efficiency, they can also hold their corporate card to entry three certificates and relevant information into the electronic port system. Please refer to attachment for the operation.

2.Audit RA. Companies in Qingdao area to Qingdao business card center RA audit, Yantai, Rizhao, Weihai, Longkou, Rongcheng, Jining, Linyi, Laizhou, Penglai, Heze and Zaozhuang enterprises should go to the local customs electronic port pre entry center to do the RA audit.

3.Data change audit of the Quality supervision, industry and commerce, and the tax department. Enterprise to Municipal Quality Supervision, industry and commerce, the tax department audit change data.

4.Electronic port card data changes. Business to the Qingdao business card printing center (or business card agent) to re write cards, and foreign exchange, foreign trade and economic cooperation, customs information change reporting.

5.Data change audit of business, foreign exchange, and customs departments. Local enterprises in the Municipal Commerce Bureau, foreign exchange, customs department data change audit.

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