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Singles encounter love show

The pace of modern work and life to speed up, many enterprises of young people to reduce social circles, so many outstanding single young people have no chance to embrace love, making friends, marriage difficult has become a common phenomenon in the social enterprise. In order to expand the scope of a single staff friends to effectively solve the single employee's marriage, Qingdao Maga held a "Single encounter love big show" association on 25 June 2016, the aim is to build an efficient and pragmatic heterosexual intercourse platformn for the single staff.


       In order to create a strong romantic atmosphere, we chose the BELLE Plaza cafe for the association, a comfortable environment to allow guests to reduce the tension of the first 

       Activity began at 10 am, a lot of guests arrived. Event organization staff to fill out the information to the registration form, to explain the situation of the MAGA company, the company introduced a single employee. The atmosphere is very warm, there is still a guest came to the scene after the event, the number of publicity due to the circle of friends of the actual number of people to the scene has been much higher than the expected. Guests present made the self instruction, interactived games, one to one conversation, exchange of links and other links under the organization of the MAGA HR, the whole process of glow, harmonious, warm.

       MAGA company y sincerely wish every great colleagues and guests arrived at the scene to find the other half of the right MAGA will hold similar activities causally in the furture to provide a platform for the in the colleagues who are hard working, but have limited time and contacts with the opposite sex Also sincerely hope to have more enterprises to participate in the age for the enterprise to create more opportunities for young people.