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Maga logistics summary in 2017 and the second half of the work of the deployment of the meeting

July 22, 2017, I Division in Yantai Jinshan South Sea resort hotel held in 2017 annual summary meeting, the participants of the meeting mainly are senior management of the company. The first part of the meeting by the departments in accordance with the responsibilities of the department and the beginning of the development of the work objectives of the first half of the work were summarized, and the lack of work in-depth analysis, put forward the work of the second half of the train of thought.

       Finally, the general manager for the company and the departments in the first half of the achievements made fully affirmed, especially in the vehicle market share market share and customer service system construction, while pointing out the work of the problems and deficiencies, and planned deployment for 2017 The second half of the company's overall development strategy and the work of the various departments . He requires all departments to insist on everything from reality, realistic work style and earnestly perform their duties, based on the problem and work objectives in a timely manner to adjust ideas, pay attention to detail, from the management to strengthen self-criticism, improve customer service quality, to promote the annual objectives and tasks smoothly carry out.

       The second half of 2017, the company will continue to work in a pragmatic and development, unified thinking, the same pace, the implementation of the strategic work in place. Maga company all staff will also be in the second half of 2017 to continue to work hard, create greater success, to provide customers with more quality and efficient logistics services.