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Our company host the 2016 " Native Place of Xiang Yu•Yaowan Ancient Town•, Na Tian" spring outing activity

To make employees relax mood from the intense wor, on 21-22nd May, 2016, our company held the Native Place of Xiang Yu-Yaowan Ancient Town- Na Tian two-day tourism.


First stop, native place of Xiang Yu. The Native Place of Xiang Yu, also known as "phoenix tree lane", was the palce of the noble of Chu Dynasty, leader of the peasant rebel army at the end of Qin Dynasty, the strong hero, the great conqueror's concubine Xiang Yu birthplace, the national AAAA level scenic spots. It is located in the south of Sucheng area, Suqian City, between the old Yellow River and the Grand Canal, Xu Huai road on the east side. Kangxi forty years set up a stele to commemorate, build the British cabient and Huai’an kiosk in 1935. The native has the characteristics of both the residence in Han Dynasty and palatial architecture style. The ancient pagoda tree was planted by Xiangyu in youth according to legend. It is said that the original tree trunk is dead, this is from the roots of retransmission. There is a stele in northwest corner of the ancient pagoda, 6 feet high, 2 feet wide, with "native place of Xiang Yu" four characters on it, this stele was ste up in Kangxi forty years (1763) by magistrate Hu Sanjun. Local people said, the place that tablet set is the place where Xiang Yu was born. Xiang Yu house door faces to the west, so stele is also facing west. Around the yard, planted willow, pine, bamboo, cassia, chrysanthemum flower. Indoor full of beautiful things in eyes, please others mood; fragrance spill out in the yard, refreshing, it is an excellent tourist resort. People from other cities all come to the native place to visit.

In the afternoon, we went to the second station, the national AAAA level scenic spots - Yaowan Ancient Town. Yaowan ancient town located on the southwest edge of Xinyi city in Jiangsu province, the confluence of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Luoma Lake; connected with Suqian, HuiNing and Pining three towns and counties, it is a ancient town known all over the country with one thousand years of history. Known as " east looking at sea, west looking at Peng Cheng, south overlooking Huaisi, north overlooking Tai Mountain" saying, so-called "golden waterway golden triangle", "waters in north Suzhou better than Jiangnan" reputation, and known as "little Shanghai".

After a night rest, in the morning of 22nd, we came to Suqian San Taishan Forest Park, located on the bank of Luoma Lake, in Lakeside District, Suqian, Jiangsu, the total area is around 12.7 square kilometers, it was built according to the national 5A-class tourist scenic spot. Here mountains and rivers are near to each other, sea waves, is a natural oxygen bar. San Taishan Forest Park is famous for it’s "most beautiful eight sights", landscape and idyll, movement and static are all appropriate, it is devided into "forest touring area", "forest recreation area", "forest resort" three areas. The main scenic spots are: Na Tian, orchard quite place, Mirror Lake, natural mountain forest, acacia lake, Qingcui Lake and Plum Garden. Spring has anakims; flowers, summer with winding water and lotu flower, autumn has red leaves as greeter, winter with plum village boiling snow, it is the place to rest mind. Everyone talking and laughing in the pieces of flower field, taking pictures to each other, away from the noisy city, enjoying this carefree and comfortable. In the colorful flowers, beautiful photographs were left.

Annual spring outing activity has become a traditional cultural activities of MAGA company, this activity not only arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, but also active the cultural life of employees, and strengthen the communication between the employees, to enhance the enterprise cohesive force. After the spring outing, employees devote into the intense work with more full enthusiasm, contribute own strength for the company's development.