Notice of goods pre-declaration procedure of Nigeria

According to the new requirement of Nigeria government, all the import and export cargo from Nigeria need to follow and implement the requirement of goods pre declaration. Consignor need to log in the website and make the declaration before the shipment. Besides, they should send the ENS/EXS code to our employee in the port of loading and show it in the description of BOL/ cargo manifest. The detailed operation of getting the ENS/EXS code is in appendix 1.  

The notice is in immediate effect; all the Nigeria import and export goods are subject to requirements of this notice since November 17th, 2015.For the goods which have been booked, the forwarder and owner should contact and provide the ENS code to complete the BOL and cargo manifest. Port of destination fine and unloading problem caused by failing to provide the timely and accurate information due to the customer reason will be the owner’s responsibility. Please contact the Nigeria Shipper’s Council for any question of the code application

Telephone: +2348164475255

Besides, all the loading departments should do a good job of ENS/EXS number verification. The client will receive a written material containing the code after a successful application (please refer to appendix two). The workers in port of loading should follow the way in appendix 3 and check the validity of the code in order to prevent the successive problem caused by the wrong code. 

appendix 1:Get  ENS
appendix 2:15NG0611T7699
appendix 3:ENS verification