China data port electronic center Qingdao Branch Center made some statement covering a recent enterprise "three certificates join into one" hot issue in 6th., Jan, 2016.

China Electronic Port Data Center Qingdao sub center to the system users:  
Recent center received many business consulting "three certificates" and customs declaration system, to facilitate the operation of enterprises, sub centres hot issues related to finishing, issued as follows:
Question 1: according to the requirements of the administration and enabled cards before a license has a network of enterprise, the renewal of three certificates license required in the electronic port system of enterprise registration information changes. Enterprises should be how to operate? What is the specific change process?
Answer: Electronic Port change workflow:
1: An information input, statement three certificates of electronic port system. Enterprises can local customs electronic port pre entry center operation, to reduce the cost of enterprise, improve work efficiency, can also be their own holding corporate cards in the E-port system entry, declaration cards in one of the related information, the specific operation that see Annex.
2: RA audit. Companies in Qingdao area to Qingdao business card center RA audit, Yantai, Rizhao, Weihai and Longkou, Rongcheng, Jining, Linyi, Laizhou, Penglai, Heze, Zaozhuang enterprises to the local customs electronic port pre entry center of RA audit.
3: Quality supervision, industry and commerce, the national tax department to change the data audit. Enterprise to Municipal Quality Supervision, industry and commerce, the tax department audit data change.
Electronic port card data change. Business to the Qingdao business card printing center (or business card agent) to re write cards, and foreign exchange, foreign trade, customs information change reporting.
Business, foreign exchange, customs department to change the data audit. The local municipal bureau of Commerce, the enterprise belongs to foreign exchange, customs department audit data change.     

Question 2: Enterprises to inquire "three certificates" business change is to complete before April 1, can not be completed will affect the company's import and export?
Answer: April 1 has not completed the change of business enterprise, does not affect the import and export business. In order to ensure the system is stable and orderly, suggest that the enterprise reasonable to arrange a time to to the business card printing center for the "three certificates" business change procedures.
Question three: consultation calls enterprise has achieved "three certificates" version of the certificate, but electronic port have not changed, during this period, the export tax rebate and value-added tax deductible business would affect?
Answer: the contact data center confirmed that the transmission mechanism of the tax rebate declaration and import value-added tax tax bill without changes. During the period of import and export information can be normal transmission to the IRS, it is recommended as soon as possible to complete the change of business.
Question 4: enterprises in do three cards change prompt: untreated operator information exists in the old RA, unable to change operation how to deal with?
Answer: the problem is due to the enterprise in the old RA temporary but not of Qingdao or caused by the operator card information, companies need to contact the Department data center 010-95198 centers (0532-82955188) to remove the handle rear can change.       

If you have any other questions, please dial the Qingdao data center hotline: 0532-82955188.

China Electronic Port Data Center Qingdao sub center