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Title: Ocean operator
Number: 3 Work area: Shinan District of Qingdao
Release time: 2015-7-29 9:55:55 By the time: 2019-8-29 10:02:21
Degree required: College degree or above
Job requirements:

Job Responsibilities
1、Responsible for the operation and maintenance of container / bulk cargo for sales
2、Responsible for the integration and maintenance of downstream resources, the establishment of good relations of cooperation
3、Responsible for file the cost and the customer data to the system 

 Job requirements
1、College degree or above
2、Familiar with booking, packing, customs and other operational processes
3、Strong sense of responsibility, work carefully, good communication skills, with a strong ability to resolve emergencies and group spirit.

Job Description: The industry's competitive fixed pay + post bonus + year-end bonus; five insurance a gold; marriage and child sickness funeral benefits; holiday welfare;Health examination; paid tourism; paid vacation; summer high temperature and winter heating subsidies and other benefits. After the entry of our company, we will have professional job skills and cultural training, and in the course of the development there will be instructor help one to one.
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