States which require declaration of AMS

A, States which require declaration of AMS: 
The United States of America, Canada and Mexico (No require of declaration of ISF for U.S.A, but provisions to U.S. custom is required 48 hours in advance before the shipment. Or, USD5000 is fined. AMS cost is USD25/order and USD40/order for modify.) States which require declaration of ENS: all Member States of the European Union, ENS costs $35/order. 

B、States which require fumigation disinfection for wood packing: 
Australia, the United States of America, Canada, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Panama.

C、States which require origin of certificate:
Cambodia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Doha, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

D、Indonesia regulations:
Final consignee must have the right to import and export, or can not do the import custom clearance. Therefore, it is necessary to amend the bill of lading in about one month. 

E、Saudi Arab:
All goods which imported into Saudi Arab must use the palletizing with the place of origin and shipping mark on the packing. SAR1,000 (US$267)/20’and SAR1,500 (US$400)/40’will be fined if no palletizing is used in the delivery since 2009.02.25 and will be bear by customers themselves. 

F、Attention of Chile:

Chile does not accept the telex release and fumigation is required for wood packing. 

G、Attention of Panama:
1、No telex release is accepted and fumigation is required for wood packing with packing list and invoice.
2、Stackable overlap, forklift operation and no more than 2000KGS/unit is required for the cargo to Panama via Colon free zone. 

H、Attention of Columbia:
The amount of freight must be shown on the bill of lading (which can only be used in US dollars or Euros)

I、Warning of India
There is technically legal without payment in India no matter under the terms of FOB or CIF, regardless of whether the BOL “TO ORDER OF SHIPPER”, regardless of whether the BOL in your hand. You lost the cargo right if there are Indian customers name on the BILL OF ENTRY or IGM no matter whether the bill of lading in your hand. Therefore, 100% pre-payment is required if there is the chance. 

J、 Egypt
1、For goods exported to Egypt, the commodity inspection bureau shall implement the pre shipment inspection and supervision work..
2、Regardless of whether the statutory inspection requirements, all customers need to provide inspection voucher or receipt, formal attorney inspection, packing list, invoice and contract.
3、Inspection receipt is required for the custom clearance work in the Inspection Bureau ( custom clearance form could be get in advance if there is statutory inspection), and then appoint time with Commodity Inspection Bureau to supervise loading in warehouse. (a few days ahead of schedule appointment to the local Commodity Inspection Bureau consultation.)

K、 Brazil regulations:
1. Only accept full set of bills of lading of three originals without amendment, the bill of lading must show freight amount (only can use dollars or euros), the "to order" of the bill of lading is not accepted, the bill of lading must display the consignee contact (telephone, address);
2. Consignee's CNPJ number (the consignee must be registered company) must be shown on the bill of lading, consignee must be registered company in the destination port. 
3. To pay at the destination is not accepted and no surcharge at the destination port. Wood package 

L、Mexico regulations
1. To declare the AMS bill of lading requires displaying goods encoding, as well as the need to provide AMS information and packing list invoice;
2. Notify display third party notice, generally a freight forwarding company or CONSIGNEE agent;
3. SHIPPER shows the true shipper and CONSIGNEE show the true consignee;
4. Name cannot be displayed in general, but to display the detailed description of the goods;
5. Number: required to display the detailed number. For example: there are 50 boxes of goods in 1 pallet, can not only display the 1 PLT, but must display 1 pallet containing 50 cartons 
6. Bill of lading to show the origin place of the goods, USD200 is fined if there is change on the bill of lading after shipment. 

1. Guest must pay in time, otherwise it is recommended to pay in TT or to pay more than 75% if you have the long term cooperation.
2. After the arrival of the goods, there must be two reminders: a reminder for guest to pay, the second reminder for cnee to pick up the cargo or the custom will black out the cargo if no pick up. Or you need to pay high price or the customer need to use the relationship to release the cargo without bill of lading. The market is not clear in this industry. 
3, In view of the Russian pull style, just remember whether it is to pay in advance, or pick up, or ask for the final payment, you need to push that! 

N、 Kenya
The Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS) began to implement the pre export standards compliance verification plan (PVOC) on September 29, 2005, so PVOC verification approach has been used from 2005. 
Products in the catalog of PVOC must obtain the certificate of compliance (COC) prior to shipment, the COC certificate is Kenya mandatory customs clearance documents, the goods arrived in the Kenyan port will be denied to entry without the certificate.