The brief instruction of the compensation for the goods occure damage during the waharf stockpiling in main ports and Marine all risks

Recently, Custom are concerning more andmore about the compensation during goods is in the dock stockpiling andoperation, so we had do a detailed understanding in all the China main ports forvehicles. As the circumstances is different, below we list one form for yourreference


The above port compensationproportion need to cargo damage in port is based on actual situation, and ifdamage occurred, the first priority for all the ports is to repair the goods,even they agree to compensate, the period is always very long, So in order toavoid cargo damage can not be compensated, we suggest clients to buy marine allrisks. All risks (all risk) is one of the basic types of maritime transportinsurance, It’s responsible for all risks include risks FPA, WPA and generaladditional risks. Loss of goods due to war, strikes,  import tariffs, delivery not due to otherreasons, are not within the scope of responsibility of all risks. It is insuredagainst all risks due to the additional risk of a wide range of security, inorder to avoid missing a guarantee cargo security and greater risks insured.Generally, if the shipment is prone to crushing collision damage, moisture andheat, rain mildew, leakage deficient, odor, contamination and pollutioncovering all risks promiscuous is needed. Whether total or partial loss, exceptfor certain transport transit goods consumption which the insurance company andthe insured parties have agreed on the policy set forth in the franchise, theinsurance company will all grant compensation. 

For vehicles, All risks commencement fromthe insured cargo enter into the port area and terminate the goods pass theship’s rail at port of destination. Insurance must be purchased in advance tokeep it take effect before goods entering the port area.

All Risks shall notliable for following damage

1. The loss of theinsured's intentional act or negligence caused

2. The loss causedby shipper’s liability.

3. The insuredgoods is poor quality and has short in amount before the insurance liability effect.

4.The loss orexpense caused by natural wear and tear, the nature of the defect, fallingmarket, shipping delays for insured goods.

5. Limitation ofLiability and Exclusion of marine cargo war risk clauses and cargotransportation Strikes Clauses regulations.

The above is forreference only, if any question or disagreement, please send email or call usfor communication.