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CKD(Completely Knocked Down)is a proper noun terminology of importing vehicle models in the form of bulk items, means "completely break up".In other words, CKD car means when the car is imported or brought in, it entered in a completely break up state, then it’s all auto parts were assembled into the whole vehicle.

When exported in the form of CKD bulk items, all parts of a vehicle are packaged and loaded separately, then shipped to the customer together. Such form of export, equivalent to customers sourcing components from China (using China vehicle factory’s local sourcing capacity and logistics low cost advantage), not only save much cost for purchaser, but also reduce the import tariff greatly compared with the whole vehicle imports. 

Our company can provide convenient services such as CKD scheme design, vehicle tearing down and reinforcement in Qingdao, Tianjin and many other domestic ports, provide guidance on vehicle tearing down and other services for inland scrap customer .To realize full-course control of transportation , assembly technical guidance in port of destination and other professional support.