Culture Orientation:

MAGA enterprise culture is striving and continuously pursuing truth,kindness
and goodness.

Enterprise vision:

Let all import and export "vehicle products" could enjoy high quality
international logistics service.

Enterprise mission:

Dedicated to "vehicle products" international transportation, to provide the
most perfect logistics solutions.

Enterprise Core Values:

Take the customer as the center, focus on strivers.

Enterprise objective:

Through hard efforts, persistent pursuit, turn into world's leading international
logisticsprovider of "vehicle products".

Enterprise spirit:

Perseverance, down-to-earth, pioneer and forge ahead, hard work, dedicated
spirit of cattle.

Development Concept:

Clear direction, clear actical, talents could come in and be retained.

Service philosophy:

Accuracy, Convenient, Partner, Consuling.

Management Philosophy:

Pragmatic, brief, efficiency, continuous.

Cooperation Concept:

Respect, Trust, Decelopment, Win-Win.

Communication Concept:

Don't be blind, to learn. Don't be impulsive, to be rational. Don't lie, be
sincere. Don't be amateur, be professional. Don't delay, be promptly. Don't
run partial, fight for results.

Team concept:

Obey the command, moving in tandem, celebrate for winners, rescue the losers.

Profit Concept:

We do not take profit maximization as the goal, but to earn a reasonable profit
through service value; Keep the continued cooperation between enterprises, for
the purpose of sustainable development.

Work Style:

1、Stipulate the perseverance in reality and pursuing the truth on the basis
of fact;
2、Keep closely in touch with clients;
3、Insist on self criticism.